The room features floor to ceiling oak panelling and a traditional fireplace. Especially suitable for private dinners and executive meetings.

Room length:5.700m (18ft 8in)
Room width:5.500m (18ft 1in)
Ceiling height:3.300m (10ft 10in)
Ceiling max:3.300m (10ft 10in)
Floor area:31.350sq m (337.45 sq ft)
Access: Disabled access provided
Room is lockable
Facilities: Toilets
Disabled toilet
Lighting:Natural light (2 windows)
blackout possible
Halogen, Low voltage, Light dimmer switch
Light dimmer switch
Power: 6 x 13amp sockets
Telephone point
Modem point
Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Room Capacities
Theatre: 18 Classroom: 6
Boardroom: 14 Banquet: 14